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Greg Schnell: "The VictoryLap Timer is the best tool I have ever used for keeping my practice sessions productive and fun.  The lap timer function is great for finding the best lines around the track.  I really like the practice start feature for working on my start reaction times and I know that it is going to help me be up front in the first turn."

  • Pete Denison:   (Founder of Moose Racing and president of A-Loop off road)  "Both my sons race and they love practicing with the VictoryLap timer.  The challenge along with the instant information it gives them on how well they are riding and makes their practice sessions very productive."

  • Tommy Hofmaster:  (District 16 and 17 up and coming pro MX racer)  "The VictoryLap timer keeps me riding hard lap after lap.  If I get a red light I know I've got to push harder for the green.  My practices are now quality sessions not quantity."

  • Mike Jones:   (Arenacross #7) "I won't practice without the VictoryLap timer.  It pushes me to ride hard every lap.  If I slack off the VictoryLap timer lets me know and I get back on the gas."

  • Donnie "Holeshot" Hansen:  (National, Supercross & World Champion - Donnie Hansen Motocross Academy) "The goal of all racers is to reduce their lap times.  The Victory Lap Timer has become an essential tool in training my racers because they can monitor their times during practice and races.  By practicing proper riding techniques and seeing how your lap times improve, you will become a winner.  I wish I had the Victory Lap Timer when I was training for professional races."


  • Damon Huffman:   (Two time 125cc Supercross Champion, FIM 250cc World Supercross Champion)   "Riding at the local tracks, I don't always have someone to time my practice laps for me.  How fast am I going?  Are my lap times improving?  Only with the Victory Lap Timer can I be sure I'm riding at the speeds I need to be at for podium finishes at the professional level."

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