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Q1:  Can more than one person be out on the track with all riders get lap times?


A1:  Yes, all Performance Timers and track side transmitters use the same frequency.  Therefore any number of riders may be on the track timing themselves using one trackside transmitter. This also is the case

while timing both sections and starts. Arenacross racers will be using up to 20 Performance Timers on the track with one track side transmitter.  Pace Motor Sports Racing will be timing racers during practice and recording the fastest laps of each rider.

Q2:  What if we have a small bike such as a 50cc and a big bike like a 125cc out on the track at the same time?  Can they both use the same track side transmitter?


A2:  Yes, just position the track side transmitter at the height of the smaller bike. The Performance Timer on both the larger and smaller bike will be seen by the track side transmitter.  Putting the track side transmitter lower will not affect its’ operation. Never place the track side transmitter higher than the height of the Performance Timer mounted on the bike.


Q3:  What is the warranty? 


A3:  We just increased the warranty from one to five years.


Q4:  If I crash will I damage the Performance Timer mounted on my bike?


A4:  No, the Performance Timer is designed with high impact plastic.  It was built for dirt bike action.


Q5:  How close do I have to put the track side transmitter to the bike we are timing with the Performance Timer?


A5:  You can mount the track side transmitter up to twenty five feet away from where the bike will be passing.  Putting it off to the side of the track out of harms way is not a problem


Q6:  Is there anything else I need to buy before I can go out on the track and use the Performance Timer?


A6:  No, you get everything in the T-6 Performance Timer Kit.  T-6 Digital Performance Timer, one digital infrared track side transmitter, track side transmitter mounting pole, batteries, instructions and a case to carry it all in.


Q7:  What if I don’t know someone else put a track side transmitter out on the track and I put mine on the track?


A7:  Before going out on the track look to see if any other rider has a Performance Timer on their bike.  If another rider is timing themselves find out where they placed their track side transmitter.  With two track side transmitters being used to time laps you will get a double hit. 

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