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July 2000 - Press Release


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The MXA wrecking crew has tested every version of POWERSTART's $387.88 VictoryLap Timer since they first started making them.  They keep getting better with age.  And they also get more complicated.  The original VictoryLap Timer was operated by pressing a kill button at the end of each lap.  Our only technical problem was remembering to push the button.  Not so with the latest VictoryLap Timer.  It has gone fully electronic.  So much so that we had to read the instructions.

If you mount the infrared timing pole on the side of the track, the VictoryLap timer will automatically record your lap times, give you instant access to them via red or green LED lights and save them for download in the pits.



Here is the full skinny on the new POWERSTART VictoryLap timer.  (1) After playing around with the Lap Timer for about 20 minutes without reading the instructions, it was quite clear that technical advancements have moved the VictoryLap timer out of the manual phase.  They have changed the features.  We really appreciated the new programming.  It had brighter red and green LEDs, and you didn't have to hold the button down for 20 seconds to activate the next program.  (2) Remote timing.  The old-fashioned kill button activator is gone.  In its place is a no-brainer.  (3) Usability.  You can use the VictoryLap timer to do lap times, record your starting gate reaction time or to push you harder from lap by using the red (slow) and green (fast) LED lights.


If you are serious about racing and getting faster, you need a POWERSTART VictoryLap Timer.  If you are super serious, you should buy two infrared sensors so you can practice your reaction times and starts.

- Motocross Action    July 2000

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