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NO-TOIL™ Air Filter Maintenance Kit


The kit includes (1) 16oz. bottle of super tacky NO-TOIL Filter Oil, (1) 4oz. tube of NO-TOIL Rim Grease, and (1) 16oz. bottle of NO-TOIL's super heavy duty filter cleaner concentrate.  Everything needed for complete air filter maintenance is included in this convenient triple-pack kit.

The best $17.95 you'll ever spend.


NO-TOIL™ Filter Oil
  • Biodegradable
  • Clean in Washing Machine
  • Dyno-tested & Race Proven
  • Waterproof & Super Tacky
  • Solvent-free Cleanup
  • 16 ounce bottle
  • with Micro-flo™, Patent Pending


NO-TOIL Filter Oil is such a revolutionary engineering breakthrough in super-tacky, high air flow high performance filter oil, it has patents pending. NO-TOIL filter oil is 100% waterproof, but easily washes out of the filter using only Water and NO-TOIL Filter Cleaner. It's super tacky, a virtual micro dust and dirt particle magnet, and with our Micro-flo additive, it maximizes horsepower-critical air flow-through, even when dirty. The neon dye tracer lets you see that your entire filter is coated with NO-TOIL oil; no more engine-damaging dust getting through un-oiled filter sections. Horsepower? - Just take a look at the Dyno Charts.
NO-TOIL™ Filter Cleaner
  • Heavy Duty Concentrate
  • Nontoxic, Skin-safe
  • Solvent-free Oil & Grease Cleanup - Mix with Water
  • Washing machine proven
  • 16 ounce bottle


NO-TOIL Filter Cleaner is a concentrated formula engineered to mix with water; no solvents are required to clean NO-TOIL treated air filters. The cleaner breaks down the waterproofing chemicals of the NO-TOIL filter oil and rim grease, before completely washing the oil, grease, dust and dirt from the filter. The nontoxic, no-fume / no-odor cleaning solution is skin-safe, and can be used to clean filters in a bucket of water, the kitchen sink or a washing machine. It's biodegradable; so go ahead and dump the dirty solution right down the drain!
NO-TOIL™ Rim Grease
  • Superior Filter/Flange Seal
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 300 ºF High-Temperature Rated
  • Clean with Water + Cleaner
  • 4 ounce tube


NO-TOIL Rim Grease is a high viscosity, non-petroleum based compound specially engineered to provide the ultimate in sealing the air gap between the filter rim and flange. Engineered to withstand up to 300 ºF, it remains waterproof and dust-proof, and keeps damaging dust and water from being drawn past your filter. The squeeze tube allows quick and accurate application to the filter. Cleanup is a snap! Simply wash the dirt and grime away with the NO-TOIL Filter cleaner and water.

The worlds best 2-stage foam air filters. Using only the best flame-laminated dual-layer foam bonded with the highest quality glue we hand make each foam filter to stand up to the roughest and toughest of any style of riding or terrain. These filters, used with No-Toil foam filter oil, provide the best air filtration system in the world!


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NT01 16oz. Filter Oil


NT03 16oz. Filter Cleaner


NT05 4oz. Rim Grease


NT09 Maintenance Kit


NT18 1/2 Gallon Filter Oil


NT20 1/2 Gallon Filter Cleaner


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