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School Rental Program:  The most powerful teaching program ever

Instructors, show how your techniques are helping your students improve.  Your students will be amazed as they receive instant results from your instructions, as the VictoryLap Performance Timer displays their improvements.

Training with the VictoryLap Performance Timer will create a heightened intensity in your students.  They will be able to instantly see their results and constantly work at improvement.  The students will now have a gauge to work from and challenge them. 

When your students leave the training class and go home they will take with them the knowledge, without any question, that your teaching improved them.  The students will have no doubt because it will be right there in the numbers. 

Your students will tell their friends that you improved their performance.  They will be reading the times displayed on the VictoryLap Performance Timer and telling their friend how you worked to help them improve their times for better race results.  The numbers do not lie. 

Call for information on how we can help to serve you and your students.  No other tool is so Powerful at helping you better train your students. 

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