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Power Tip #1 - Intense Laps – Trim off seconds lap after lap


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This is where the power of the Performance Light Display System really shines.  After your first lap the VictoryLap Performance Timer will compare your current lap time with the previous lap you just completed.  You will get a red light if the lap was slower than the previous or the green light will be displayed if the lap was quicker.  Flashing green light means that your lap speed was the quickest so far in that practice or race session.

This is where the intensity comes into play.  I guarantee that when you see the red light you will twist the throttle and concentrate on the best lines around the track.  You will drive harder than you ever did into every turn.  Yes! There’s the green light. Lap after lap after lap you will be racing against the VictoryLap Performance Timer and getting instant results after each circuit around the track.

While you are riding, every lap is being saved in the e-prom memory for your review and log book entry.  You do log your times, don’t you?  It just keeps getting better, next time out on the track you will not want to pull into the pits after your session and see slower times.  So, guess what, more throttle twisting, harder drives into the corners and your brain will be working overtime looking for the best lines.  Don’t just use the VictoryLap Performance Timer for practice.  Use it during races, too.  It’s fun to compare your practice times against your racing times.  You might be surprised at the results.  Now you are really having fun!

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