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Power Tip #2 - Starts – Up front in the first turn


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One of the VictoryLap Performance Timer features is the practice start mode, which will improve your results off the starting line and through the first turn.  A variable reaction timing circuit was built in to avoid any cheating off the line.  You will learn to work your clutch and throttle coordination off the start pad for smooth starts with minimal wheel spinning.  By placing the trackside infrared transmitter just beyond the first turn you will learn how to increase your speed all the way through the first turn. 

Some racers who react quickly off the line when the gate drops get passed by the rest of the pack three quarters of the way down the start straight because they don’t carry their speed up to and through the first turn.  You need to practice quick reaction off the line, proper power shifting down the straight and carrying your speed through the first turn in order to be up front.

Here’s how the start feature works.  While on the starting line you press the function button on the VictoryLap Performance Timer to start the “get ready” sequence.  You now have fifteen seconds to position yourself on the bike for the start.  After fifteen seconds the red light comes on which is the simulation for the thirty-second card turning sideways.  After seeing the red light it is now time to turn up the throttle and get ready for the green light.  The green light simulates the gate dropping.  But guess what, it’s just like the real moto start.  The green light will vary anywhere from two to five seconds before turning on. When the green light comes on the VictoryLap Performance Timer starts recording your time off the line and through the first turn where the trackside infrared transmitter then stops the timing sequence.

The patented Performance Light system will give you instant results on how well you carry your speed through the entire start section.  Each start is compared to the previous. The red performance light will indicate a slower time while the green light will tell you that you are improving.  I guarantee you will start holding the gas on longer going into and through the first turn when you see the red light.  You will only want to see greens. 

The exact times of each start in the session are held in e-prom memory for your review after each start.  You can also review the times later in the pits.  We suggest you record your times in a logbook for future comparisons.  Every practice session will be devoted to improving your times off the line and through the first turn. That is our commitment to you.  The VictoryLap Performance timer never lies by giving you the information you need to get up front and win races. Now we’re having fun!

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