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Power Tip #3 - Sections – Take the track apart


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It’s said that a race is won or lost in the corners.  Some turns are faster using the outside berms, while others on quicker taking the inside line.  Your riding style and many other variables will determine which lines around the track are best for you.

Talk to most riders who race both four and two stroke bikes and they will tell you that they actually feel slower around the track with the four stroke.  But after strapping on the VictoryLap Performance Timer they were amazed at the results.

They were actually faster on the four strokes than the two strokes.  Now we are not recommending that you sell your two stroke and buy a four stroke bike, but we just want you to understand that you cannot always trust “ the seat of your pants feel “ on how fast you are really going.

Here is how to use the VictoryLap Performance Timer to practice track sections.  Place one trackside infrared transmitter at the entrance of the section you wish to practice.  Put another trackside infrared transmitter at the end of that section.  Now, when you start into the section the first trackside infrared transmitter will start the timing sequence on the VictoryLap Performance Timer.  At the end of that section the second trackside infrared transmitter will stop the timing sequence. The section times are held in the e-prom memory for review and entries into your logbook.

Now you are learning what the best lines are for your riding style.  You can trust the VictoryLap Performance Timer to give you the most accurate timing available.  Your mom or girl friend might do a good job with the stopwatch but it will not be as accurate. There is no way a human being can react quickly enough to click the stop watch at the same point every time.  And when you are timing a small section of the track you need to be accurate to make sure you are improving.  You will find small time improvements at every section you practice by analyzing the lines you use and the momentum you carry through the section.  Add them up around the track and “WOW” we’re talking some serious improvement in total lap times. We are really, really having fun now!

Track section timing is now completely integrated into the new T6 VictoryLap Performance Timer!

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