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Power Training Tips



How to avoid arm pump:

Not all of us can ride every day so we need a way to avoid the dreaded arm pump.  The days we do ride we want to be able to hold on and get in some good practices or racing. Nothing will cut short a good ride like arm pump.

The exercise you need to do is called reverse wrist curls.  Sit on a bench or anything where your legs will be at a 90-degree angle.  Rest you arms on the top of your legs palms up.  Your hands should be just past your knees.  Now with a dumbbell in each hand raise your hands up and down.  In the down motion the dumbbells should be rolled down to your fingertips as far as the weights will go without dropping them.  In the up motion bend your wrists as far as you can.  Do not let your arms raise up off your legs.  This is a wrist and forearm exercises not an upper arm exercise.  Do as many as it takes to get a good pump with a weight that will allow between fourteen to twenty repetitions.  Do three sets.  On the last set you should almost have to drop the weights because you have such an arm pump. 

There is no excuse for severe arm pump.  A little exercising will take care of it.  This exercise should be performed at least three times a week.  Now go do it, your arms will thank you for it over the next set of whoops.

How to help from breaking your collarbone:

Probably the most common broken bone is the collarbone.  A severe crash and all bets of off, but when your just falling over you should not be breaking bones.  This means that the tendons and muscles surrounding the bones and joints are too week. 

The exercise you need to do for collarbone muscle support is called upright rowing.  You will be using a barbell for this exercise.  Stand with the barbell at you feet and take a grip with your hands facing inwards towards your body about six inches apart off center of the bar.  Now pick it up, with your legs not your back. With your arms hanging in front of you bring the barbell up just under your chin. 

The weight should be heavy enough for about twelve repetitions.  Do three sets.  This exercise is for your trapezius muscle, which connects the shoulder to your neck.

Another good exercise for this area of your body is shrugs.  You can do them with either a barbell or dumbbells.  You may prefer dumbbells because it allows your arms to hang more natural.  Standing with the weight hanging in front of you or in the case of dumbbells slightly off to your side, roll you shoulders.  You should concentrate on raising your shoulders as high and as low as they will go.  The motion is like the body response “hey don’t ask me, I don’t know”.  Again do three sets of twelve reps. The weight for this exercise should be fairly heavy.  Start light and increase regularly until you are using respectable poundage. 

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